Barbara Truex
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A musician who began performing in the late 1960's, Barbara Truex has been heard in a wide range of musical genres and contexts. She is recognized as a significant innovator on the mountain dulcimer for her use of the istrument in jazz, pop, free improvisation and many other musical genres beyond the traditional folk and singer-songwriter realms. She has extensive experience working with dance and theater ensembles, both as a composer and as an accompanist both on and off stage.

BAT with Loopin'


Banjo Ukulele FrontSusan Mills BAT with InstrumentsBanjo Ukulele Back
Image by Susan Mills
Mountain dulcimers*, tenor guitar, baritone & banjo ukuleles, percussion, voice,
and other assorted instruments.

Molineaux Electric Dulcimer

[* including a unique, solid bodied, electric built by John Molineaux]


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